Executive Protection

Celebrities, executives, dignitaries, and others with personal security concerns use DroneShield for advance detection and warning of drone presence. It can tell drone or media helicopter activity from everyday noise, offering low false-alarm rates and high sensitivity. Serving fixed installations or deploying for special events, DroneShield integrates into existing security operations for constant, complete monitoring of your surroundings. It issues instant alerts via email, SMS, or your established alarm system, allowing for swift, proactive response.

DroneShield offers more complete protection against drone activity that threatens personal safety, privacy, and property.

How DroneShield strengthens executive protection:

  • Can be used to reinforce personal safety, privacy, or protection of property
  • Monitors air space as well as ground perimeters, providing more complete protection beyond the capabilities of a camera, gate, or wall
  • Advance alerts remove the element of surprise commonly relied upon by paparazzi and other offenders
  • SMS and email alerts can be synced to personal accounts or established protection teams to align with your preferred response plan
  • Data from alerts are retained as evidence for any future legal proceedings