The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and NASA report numerous cases of drones flying dangerously close to airports and aircraft, resulting in several near-collisions. As more drones take to the skies, hazardous mid-air encounters will become more likely.

DroneShield provides quick, accurate detection of nearby drones to help airports protect against potential collisions.

Airports use DroneShield to detect drone presence with acoustic sensors deployed around their perimeters. A large acoustic signature database allows DroneShield to distinguish drones from other common noise sources and identify aircraft details. The product easily integrates into existing security systems, sending instant alerts for prompt response when a drone is detected. DroneShield retains data from the for any subsequent legal proceedings. 

How DroneShield benefits airports in drone detection:

  • Identifies drone activity that is undetectable by other means
  • Alerts security teams to type, location and direction of the drone, preserving data from the alert
  • Provides advance warning to allow swift, preventative intervention
  • Captures and retains alert data for use as digital evidence in legal cases