Passive, Long Range UAS Detection


DroneShield RfOne provides reliable RF detection over 360° horizontal field of coverage using 4 x 90° sector antenna panels. RfOne is capable of passively detecting the radio frequency emissions from commercial drones and drone operators up to 5km.

RfOne detects through pre-conditioned identification and recognition of RF signatures between the controller and drone, detects FPV (First Person Video) RF signals from the drone to controller and listens out for Controller to Drone Telemetry in frequency bands used by commercially available drones

RfOne has the ability to distinguish non-drone RF activity within the frequency bands of interest.


  • Scalable: Lightweight and modular, allowing four antennas to be combined for 360 degree coverage.

  • Networkable: Integrates easily with other sensors to enable cuing and improved detection confidence.

  • Purpose-Built: Designed and optimized specifically for detection of drones.

  • Airport Safe: RfOne was independently certified as safe for deployment in an airport environment.


Nominal UAS detection range: up to 5km (3.1 miles)
Detects drones operating on ISM frequency bands

Output Options:
IP-Based alerts (email, SMS,XML) indicating Zone detected
Operates real time GUI (Graphical User Interface)

Power and Communications:
AC 100-240V & DC 12 or 24V
Input power: 40W
Output power: nil (passive system)

Environment and Installation:
Antennas are tower or mast mountable (IP67),
Receiver and Processor
Weight without packaging: 11.5kg (25.35lbs)
Operating temperature: -40°C to +55°C (-40°F to +131°F)

No moving parts, routine inspection only

12 months from date of shipment

HS Code: 85269130

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