Critical Infrastructure

There is growing opportunity for drone use by hostile actors who want to cause large-scale harm or disruption. Small aircraft can easily be used for espionage and delivery of explosives to damage critical infrastructure like nuclear, gas and electric facilities, bridges, dams, communication networks and other assets whose destruction would have debilitating effects on public safety and security.

DroneShield provides accurate, real-time detection of drone presence to protect critical infrastructure from attack or espionage.

Authorities use DroneShield for advance warning of drone activity near critical infrastructure. Using a database with acoustic signatures of drone models, DroneShield accurately distinguishes UASs from other common noise sources. It integrates into your existing security system to provide real-time alerts and location data for rapid response.

How DroneShield serves critical infrastructure:

  • Provides real-time alerts, allowing for prompt interception of drones
  • Can detect drone flyovers that are used in reconnaissance for a future attack, thwarting an attack mission in its early stages
  • Reports location and directional data for the drone, along with drone classification information
  • Retains alert data as digital evidence for subsequent legal proceedings