Hon. Jay M. Cohen, Rear Admiral, United States Navy (Ret.), Member

Admiral Jay M. Cohen is a former Chief of Naval Research (United States Navy) and has served as the Department of the Navy Chief Technology Officer.

Admiral Cohen is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy. He holds a joint Ocean Engineering degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and Master of Science in Marine Engineering and Naval Architecture from MIT. Earlier in his career, he commanded USS HYMAN G. RICKOVER (SSN 709) and served on the U.S. Atlantic Fleet as a senior member of the Nuclear Propulsion Examining Board, responsible for certifying the safe operation of nuclear powered ships and crews. He then commanded the submarine tender USS L.Y. SPEAR (AS 36) including a deployment to the Persian Gulf in support of Operation DESERT STORM. After Spear, he reported to the Secretary of the Navy as Deputy Chief of Navy Legislative Affairs. During this assignment, he was responsible for supervising all Navy Congressional liaison.

Admiral Cohen was promoted to the rank of Rear Admiral in 1997 and reported to the Joint Staff as Deputy Director for Operations responsible to the President and Department of Defense leaders for strategic weapons release authority. In 1999, he assumed duties as Director Navy Y2K Project Office responsible for transitioning all Navy computer systems. In June 2000, he became the 20th Chief of Naval Research. He served during war as the Department of the Navy Chief Technology Officer (a direct report to the Secretary of the Navy, Chief of Naval Operations and Commandant of the Marine Corps). Responsible for the $2B+/year Navy and Marine Corps Science and Technology (S&T) Program (involving basic research to applied technology portfolios and contracting), he coordinated investments with other U.S. and international S&T providers to rapidly meet war fighter combat needs. After an unprecedented five and a half year assignment as Chief of Naval Research, he retired from the Navy in 2006.

Unanimously confirmed by the US Senate, he was sworn in as Under Secretary for Science & Technology at the Department of Homeland Security (responsible for DHS Research, Development, Test and Evaluation) in 2006 (the day of the British Airways liquid explosive plot in England). At the time of his assuming this position, the Fiscal Year (FY) 2007 U.S. Senate Appropriations Report described DHS S&T as “a rudderless ship without a clear way to get back on course”. Through Cohen’s leadership and the people and programs he put in place, the FY 2008 Senate Appropriations Report stated the committee “is pleased with the rapid progress S&T appears to be making…” and in FY 2009 the Congress added $63M to the nearly $1B DHS S&T budget and directed that Cohen be given acquisition authority over his responsible programs. The transformation of DHS S&T (from the lowest morale federal government component in 2006 to amongst the highest in 2008) is a success story that is captured in congressional testimony and a recent National Geographic TV special “Hi-Tech War on Terror” that documents the high risk/high gain innovation portfolio which Admiral Cohen put in place to make the nation safer. Since leaving government, Admiral Cohen is now a principal in The Chertoff Group, serves on corporate boards and as CEO of JayMCohen LLC is an independent consultant for science and technology in support of U.S. and international defence, homeland security and energy issues and solutions.


Dr. Samantha Ravich

Dr. Samantha Ravich is the former Deputy National Security Advisor for Vice President Cheney and served in the White House for 5½ years where she was the Vice President’s representative on Asian and Middle East Affairs as well as on Counter-Terrorism and Counter-Proliferation. Dr. Ravich was an early angel investor in DroneShield.

Following her time at the White House, Dr. Ravich was the Republican Co-Chair of the Congressionally-mandated National Commission for Review of Research and Development Programs in the United States Intelligence Community.  Dr. Ravich is now the CEO of A2P, a social data analytics firm, as well as the Principal Investigator on the recently released monograph, “Cyber-Enabled Economic Warfare: An Evolving Challenge.” She also serves as an advisor to The Chertoff Group and Freedom Capital Investment Management. She received her Ph.D. in Policy Analysis from the RAND Graduate School and her MCP/BSE from the University of Pennsylvania/Wharton School. Her book, “Marketization and Democracy: East Asian Experiences,” (Cambridge University Press) is used as a basic textbook in international economics, political science, and Asian studies college courses. Ravich is member of the Council on Foreign Relations, serves as an advisor to the US Intelligence Community. Dr. Ravich is a frequent keynote speaker on international security, cyber, and the future of intelligence. 

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